8-Year-Old Girl Brings Metal Music to the Mini Masses (VIDEO)

Ah, the trials and tribulations of an 8-year-old girl. It can be a very hard age, to be sure. You are kind of caught somewhere between little girl and pre-teen and, let's be honest, many little girls are just full of drama anyway.

Little Australian girl, 8-year-old Juliet, is no different. Her main concerns are her love for her dog and her stinky pet fish, and dude, she is angry about those things.

She is so angry, in fact, that she sings about them. See below:


How cute is she? Any parent of a daughter can probably recognize her in Juliet's attitude and demeanor. And hey, a healthy sense of anger and rage will get any little girl through her adolescence, right?

The video is definitely one of the funnier things I've seen with kids in a while. The next time my daughter is having some mini drama over not having a clean pair of purple socks, I will show her this video. My guess is, she will relate.

As for her taste in music, I can't relate, but this is the kind of stuff my husband listens to and definitely exposes our kids to. All in all, I would take this over Hannah Montana or the usual pop stuff 8-year-olds follow, so it sounds good to me!

This girl is my new hero.

Did you think this video was funny?


Image via thetinaxo/YouTube

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