Misguided Girl Scout Boycotts Cookies for Hate-Filled Reason (VIDEO)

transgender boycott girl scoutHey, guess what? Turns out the teens we're programmed to think of as bad seeds -- you know, the ones who drink shoplifted cans of Four Loko during pep rallies and pass out behind the bleachers -- aren't so bad after all. Not when you compare them to the brainwashed 14-year-old in this video, whose commitment to bigotry is disturbingly beyond her years.

I'd rather see my kid make friends with Tina, the Tattoo Artist Gang Member, than Taylor, the Transgender-Hating Girl Scout. Seriously.

Identified only as Taylor from California, this robotic teen won't be selling Samoas in this, her eighth year as a Girl Scout. No, instead she's single-handedly launching a boycott against Girl Scout Cookies to protest the organization's inclusion of a 7-year-old transgender child. How? On YouTube, of course.


I've gotta say, I'm impressed with her parents -- that's a whole lotta hate to pack into 14 years. What's incredibly creepy about this video, apart from its shamefully intolerant agenda, is the way Taylor presents her argument. Her stilted, halting delivery reminds me of Jan Brady giving a speech for the debate team ... if Jan Brady was channeling Hitler.

Also creepy is the obvious amount of research and work the kid put into this video. It's almost as if she's expecting to be graded for her efforts. And since I highly doubt this was an assignment from a school teacher (unless she goes to Homophobe High), I've got to circle back again to the parents.

Because while it is tempting to despise this girl, she is, after all, only a child. Can you imagine what Taylor's home life has been like? I'd bet a serious amount of money that one or both of her parents was behind that camera, probably forcing her to do take after take after take:

Do you blame Taylor's parents for her intolerant Girl Scout cookie boycott?


Image via HonestGirlScouts/YouTube

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