15-Year-Old Korean Girl Wows Judges With 'Rolling in the Deep' (VIDEO)

k pop star singing adeleThere are a ton of singers out there trying to belt out Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Heck, I try all the time. And fail. So I almost overlooked this latest one. But I didn't. And my day is better for watching it. For real. You have to hear the voice of Park Ji Min, the 15-year-old K-Pop Star contestant from Korea, for yourself.

She may sing this one better than Adele herself. I got goosebumps. Must. Watch. Now. And then again.


Wow. Just. Wow. Did you catch the look on the other contestants' faces when the camera rolled to them? (Rolling in the deep trouble, I'd say.) That's the look of defeat right there. They must be thinking, Come on, man? I had no idea this sweet looking, non-flashy chick has that voice! (However you say that in Korean.) I guess the bold red and white over-sized sweater with skull-like apples wearing fedoras and bow ties should have been a sign that this girl came with her A ++ game. How do you even have a voice like that at 15? That is a gift, I tell you, a gift better than finding out where I can get myself a wacky sweater like that. 

I couldn't help but think about what would Simon Cowell say if he were a judge on K-Pop Star (or if Park was on The X-Factor). I'm thinking it would be something like I was worried the song wasn't the right choice for a 15-year-old in his uptight way and then everyone would boooooooo and Park would give a little nervous smile and make us all love her more. I mean it IS about a girl who gets dumped and 15-year-olds don't ever date or fall or love or anything, right? (Humor me, I'm a mom to a daughter, fearing the day she becomes a teen.) But then this lyric right here, nails it:

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do."

Oh yeah, Park! Sing it, girl!

Now let's watch that again.

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