Cancer-Stricken Teen's Incredible Sacrifice Shows the Strength of a Mother's Love (VIDEO)

jenni lake with babyEvery story about a mom making the ultimate sacrifice for her child pulls at the heartstrings: A mother's love is the most pure, unselfish kind of love that exists. But what Jenni Lake did for her baby is all the more heartbreaking, because Jenni wasn't even 18 years old when her son was born. And still, she chose his life over her own.

Jenni was a 16-year-old sophomore when she started suffering from migraines. An MRI led to her diagnosis with astrocytoma, a type of brain tumor. Jenni's case was especially rare because she had 3 tumors in her brain and 3 on her spine. Even with treatment, Jenni only had a 30% chance of surviving the next 2 years.

What upset her the most, her parents say, was the news that the aggressive chemotherapy and radiation would leave her sterile. Jenni always dreamed of becoming a mom.


Then, an unexpected development. After going to the emergency room with nausea and stomach pains, Jenni found out she was 10 weeks pregnant. Since Jenni had been told the chemo would make her sterile, she and her boyfriend Nathan hadn't been practicing birth control.

Forced to make a decision between stopping her treatments and carrying her baby to term or continuing treatments and terminating the pregnancy, Jenni chose to stop the chemo and radiation. Because her tumors had started shrinking, Jenni and her family hoped she would make it through the pregnancy and be able to start treatment again after the baby was born.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. Jenni died 12 days after her son, Chad Michael, was born. She was in the process of losing her vision towards the end of her pregnancy, but her last words were about the infant lying by her side: "I can kind of see him."

A brave and tremendous sacrifice for any mother to make, but particularly for a teen! Still, Jenni knew that her life would probably only last for a couple of more years, at best. Before Chad Michael was born, Jenni whispered to the nurse: "I'm done, I did what I was supposed to. My baby is going to get here safe."

Even though Jenni died when her baby was less than 2 weeks old, she was still an amazing mom. This video is a fitting tribute:

How does this story of a young mother's sacrifice make you feel?


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