Teen Does the Unthinkable to Avoid Getting Punished (VIDEO)

ChimneyChristmas is right around the corner and it looks like one teen from California has officially secured his spot on the Naughty List.

Let's just say 18-year-old Jorge Herrera really wanted to pull one over on his parents get into the holiday spirit. A little too into it if you ask me. No, he didn't shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly. Instead, Herrera tried to wiggle down his own chimney like his good pal Old Saint Nick.

Wait a second... what?!

It turns out the teen was desperately trying to avoid a punishment after coming home past curfew. But what he didn't realize was that chimneys aren't actually meant to fit real live humans. And after 90 minutes of firefighters breaking it down trying to pry him out, I think that his punishment is pretty much inevitable.

See for yourself...



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My question is, how on Earth would an 18-year-old think this was a good idea? Isn't that the age when we allow people to start voting for Presidents, operate motor vehicles, and fight to defend our country? Surely there had to have been a smarter, less dangerous option than climbing to the roof and pulling a Kris Kringle. Break a window. Sneak in through the back door. Tell your parents you were attacked by reindeer. Come on, Jorge, use your head!

But, I'll admit -- teens will be teens and I certainly had my fair share of teenage stupidity. In fact, this story inspired me to ask the writers at The Stir for their most regrettable teenage moments and my e-mail box blew up in seconds. I heard everything from reckless driving to breaking into abandoned houses for a little underage drinking to stealing from department stores with security cameras in clear view ... oh, the list goes on and on.

So maybe this teenager didn't make the best decision. And maybe he'll have to pay for the chimney replacement. But he's sure got one hell of a story to tell for years to come. I give him an F for common sense, but an A+ for Christmas cheer.

What was the dumbest thing you've even done as a teen?

Image via Olivander/Flickr

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