Funny Dad & Daughter Ad Wins Moms' Best of 2011 Award (VIDEO)

volcano explosion adIt's the time of year when everyone and their mother begin compiling a "best of" list for the year, and the advertising industry is no different. The best ads of 2011 lists include -- not surprisingly -- that little Darth Vader boy and Eminem's Detroit commercial. But in a year that's included some of the biggest fails at marketing to our girls, there's one omission from the lists that really bummed me out.

The one ad that actually showed us a girl role model any parent would be proud to show their daughter is nowhere to be seen! As a mom who just saw it recently on a film DVR'd this past fall, I must protest. Any guesses? Hint: it shows a teenage girl in attire that's completely appropriate, and she's not A) in a mall, B) on the phone, C) texting/Facebooking/giggling at a boy. And the maker may just shock you!


Still can't think of it? Perhaps this will help, a look at the Clorox "volcano explosion" ad that premiered this year showing a teenage girl doing a science project with ... get this, her DAD:

You could ask me what do I love about this commercial? But this is a case of "what don't I love?"

This was the year of the horrible message t-shirts for our girls, from "I'm Too Pretty for Homework, So My Brother Has to Do It for Me" to "Allergic to Algebra." We had companies selling our little girls crotchless panties and salons encouraging tweens to come in for bikini waxes.

But Clorox showed us a girl who is interested in science of all things. Imagine! A commercial that actually ignores the myth that this particular path is for the boys and reflects the very real sector of females out there who love them a good old-fashioned experiment!

They also gave us a dad who is involved in his daughter's life in a positive, completely non-patriarchal way. I'm so used to commercials featuring dads rolling their eyes over their daughter's phone time or acting like the bumbling idiot who needs to be rescued by their wives, it took me a minute to realize the guy behind the goggles was an actual normal dad who likes to spend time sharing his daughter's interests.

And of course this is an ad for a cleaning company, so we have to address the double gift of a girl who is not screaming bloody murder because she got dirty and a dad who is willing to grab the bottle of cleaning product from his wife and actually get down to business.

Put it all together, and it's hard to believe, but an ad about the stereotyped world of cleaning the house comes out as one of the best marketing to girls moments of the entire year. Gives me a little hope that maybe things will be brighter in 2012.

Do you feel like marketers really understand today's girls?


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