Totino's Pizza Stuffers Are the Easy Snack Solution


The following is a guest post from our sponsor, Totino's.

As a mom, you know that there are only so many hours in the day and only so many of you to go around taking care of your mom duties. You also know that kids can get really hungry, especially outside of normal mealtimes. The stretch between lunch and dinner can be particularly troublesome, especially if the kids have after-school activities. Your challenge is how to satisfy kids’ hunger without ruining their appetite, and without taking up all of your time and energy — especially that time and energy that you’ll need to prepare a proper meal for the family. How do you keep everyone happy?

Enter Totino’s Pizza Stuffers! These snacks are both quick to prepare (ready in minutes), portable (the filling is inside so kids can eat it on the go), and less mess (again, the fun shape keeps the pizza filling inside).


Give kids Pizza Stuffers to satisfy their afternoon hunger anywhere — in the car, on the way to soccer practice, or just hanging out in the backyard — and you’ll be providing them with a warm and delicious snack that they’ll be excited to eat. You’ll have more time to spend with your kids and to take care of mom business!

How do you take care of your kids’ afternoon hunger?

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