Teens Who Trashed Store Need Some Good Old-Fashioned Discipline (VIDEO)

skateboarding in storeRemember back in the days before Facebook took over our lives, when everyone sent along those ridiculous email forwards (your Grandma probably still does) with the list of 100 funny things to do at Wal-Mart? You probably giggled and hit "forward" but had too much respect for other people to actually do them. But it might be time to dredge up that old email and explain why it's wrong to your kids.

Because the latest viral video made by teenagers trying to launch their way to Internet stardom shows everything wrong with that list and then some. Granting their video series (yes, there's more than one) the charming name "F---in up Supermarkets," the boys did exactly that. They took their skateboards and camera to stores and trashed them.


We're talking walking down an aisle of food and sweeping cans on the floor as they go, punching displays so they fall down, skateboarding around helpless store staff, and generally acting like selfish, entitled little jerks who cannot fathom that the world is not their playground. Go ahead and watch, but prepare to be enraged (and for foul language -- kick the kids out of the room):

OMFG! I almost want to reverse my anti-spanking policy and go knock some heads, don't you?

They need to be punished by their parents for their blatant disregard for human decency, but the problem goes deeper than taking away the car keys and the phone. They haven't learned lessons that should have been imparted in toddlerhood: respect for other people and other people's things. Is that even possible by the time they've hit the teen years, especially in a society where people are commenting on these videos as though they're funny?

Can you teach teens empathy? I'm having a hard enough time doing it with my 6-year-old. I can't imagine sitting down at the dining room table with someone who is now bigger than me and trying to explain why a fun teen prank is not so fun. Picture it: "Do you remember when Little Johnny threw sand in your face, how did that make YOU feel? Well then, why would you take all the shopping carts from Susie's store, load them with toilet paper, and throw them into the creek? You know someone has to clean that up!"

Making them go back to clean it up, or forcing them to get a job at a similar store to see how the other half lives could help, but I don't even know if it would work. You have to have some shame for what you've done in order to know it was wrong. With their identities pretty clear, these store-trashing hooligans don't even have the good grace to be embarrassed that they're acting like complete twerps!

Every teenager is going to goof off now and then. If they throw popcorn in a movie theater, it doesn't mean they're doomed to a life of beating on the little guy if they were taught the golden rule a long time ago. You know, "do unto others as you would have done unto you ... " But if the theater owner comes out to yell at them, and they don't immediately start cleaning up the popcorn, it's time to tell your kids that teen pranks aren't funny. They're often mean. They're always stupid, and one day they're going to be the adult on the other side of them fuming. Here's hoping it isn't too late.

Do you think kids like these can be taught respect or is it too late? How would you punish these boys if they were your kids?

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