10 Totally Cool Gifts for Your Teen That Won't Drain Your Wallet

teen opening christmas gift
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And you thought playing Santa to little kids was pocket-draining enough! Gifting gets to be even more of a financial challenge when your kids hit the teen years: Not only do they know exactly what they want, you know what they want isn't exactly cheap. Like my grandmother used to say, "Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems." (Except obviously you have to switch "presents" for "problems.")


So how can we make the holidays happy for teens without dipping into their college funds? Clip coupons, of course. No, not the "buy one, get one free" kind. I'm talking about personalized tickets teens can cash in for services, privileges, or any of the other things she's always nagging you for that aren't actually "things" at all.

Of course, you know best what your kid really wants this year, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

10 Holiday Coupons for Teens

1. One Weekend of Unlimited Car Usage/Unlimited Parental Chauffeur Service

2. Two "Get Out of Cleaning Your Room Free for a Week" Cards

3. Three Nights of Having All Your Friends Over for Pizza and Movies

4. Four Loads of Laundry Washed and Dried by Mom

5. Five Things to Borrow from Mom's Closet or Jewelry Box

6. Six Starbucks Stops on the Way to School

7. Seven Weekends of Sleeping Late

8. Eight Mom-Makes-Anything-You-Want Dinners

9. Nine No-Questions-Asked. (Not to Be Abused!)

10. Ten Take-Out Meals of Your Choice

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