Mom of 'Disqualified' Boy Cheerleader Shows We Do Have to Fight Our Kids' Battles (VIDEO)

male cheerleaderI can imagine how Michigan mom Vicki Urbas feels: Angry. Heartsick. Disgusted. Did I mention angry? That's how I would feel if my 14-year-old son saw his dreams dashed for no good reason.

Brandon Urban is a talented and passionate member of his high school cheerleading team. He also happens to be the only male cheerleader. Happily, Lakeview High is totally cool with that. Even the football players are supportive.

"They just tell me that if I have any problems to let them know and they always have my back," Brandon says.

Nice, right? Anyway, in this story it's not the kids who are being close-minded bullies. This time, it's the adults; specifically, the Michigan High School Athletic Association.


They're the ones who disqualified Brandon's squad after a recent statewide high school cheerleading competition simply because Brandon is a boy. Turns out there's some hazy rule even Brandon's coach wasn't aware of that prohibits boys from competing on a team with girls in MHSAA sponsored tournaments.

Brandon was "devastated." He says he cried when he found out about being disqualified, as he'd hoped to get scholarships to cheer in college.

Brandon's mom Vicki, on the other hand, was outraged. That's why she plans to fight the MHSAA, which currently refuses to consider revising their rules.

As a mom, I admire her decision. One of the toughest things about being a parent is knowing when to step back and let our kids fight their own battles. We want our children, especially by the time they're teens, to be independent and self-sufficient. We know they'll never develop those traits if we don't get out of their way. But sometimes they need parental reinforcements.

Some battles are too big for kids to fight on their own. Particularly those involving issues like gender discrimination and policy change. Brandon's problem isn't on the level of a schoolyard scuffle. In this case, Vicki Urbas isn't fighting Brandon's battle for him, she's teaching him how to fight a certain kind of battle.

With a mom like that, I have no doubt Brandon will find a way to make his dreams come true.

How do you decide whether or not to step in when your teen has a problem?

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