Minnesota High School Kissing 'Prank' Is an Incestual Grossout (VIDEO)

Parenting teens can be complicated and difficult I am sure. Having never been there, I can officially say I am in no way looking forward to it. Even still, I am fairly certain the same general rules of conduct apply when our children become teens and one of the main ones is: Don't make out with your own kids. It seems like this should be a no-brainer but for some parents in Minnesota, that memo apparently missed them.

It went something like this: As part of a "prank," Minnesota high school students were blindfolded and kissed passionately by "mystery" people who happened to be their own parents. Are you grossed out yet? Try this one: The parents were NOT blindfolded. Ew, ew and double ew.

If you can stomach it, see it below:


How could ANYONE find this funny? It is revolting, in fact. The principal has since apologized:

This activity was intended to be fun, but some found it offensive. We apologize to anyone who was offended by this activity.

How could the principal have thought this was "fun," but more, how could the parents? Seriously? What is in the water there? If my husband kissed our daughter like that first dad, I would file a restraining order against him and what is UP with the mom who moved her son's hand to her butt?

Maybe it is all in good fun and I am just a giant prude, but there is nothing funny to me about this video and if I were on either end of that, I would be horrified and traumatized for a long, long time. That is a giant prank FAIL in my book.

Did this gross you out?


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