5 Songs Every Music Loving Teen Will Dig (And You Will Too)

earbudsThere comes a day when every parent realizes their teenager is judging them on the contents of their iPod. No matter how much of today's music you listen to, there will always be those songs that make you bob your head and make your kids say, "Who is this again? Never heard of them." This is what happens when half the musicians you listened to in high school are dead (hey, a lot of rappers were shot in the '90s, don't judge me!).

With the holidays coming, of course, this makes for quite the conundrum. Do we default to "our" music when the house fills with family members? Or come off as a total spaz when we try to accommodate those young whippersnappers?

The Stir has a better option. We asked Radio Disney's Ernie D to break down the teen music code.


Just about ready to wrap up the fourth season of the channel's N.B.T (Next Big Thing) this week, Ernie has been keeping track of whose getting the audience votes. He's pretty much the expert on what the kids are actually responding to, and he helped us pick five songs that will work for you:

1. The Rock Star/The Jock - "Serious" ("N.B.T." Season Four Artist, Zack Montana)

Additional songs: "Calling All The Monsters" (China McClain), "We Burnin' Up" (Adam Hicks & Chris Brochu), and "Get Ready For This" (2 Unlimited). This is one of the "flashback" songs that we are featuring for our 15th Birthday Celebration. It's a great upbeat song that is constantly played in arenas and stadiums across the country.

2. Free Spirit - "Live U, Love U, Breathe U" ("N.B.T." Season Four Artist, Tay Barton)

Additional songs: "Love You Like A Love Song" (Selena Gomez And The Scene), "We Found Love" (Rihanna f. Calvin Harris), "Not Just You" (Cody Simpson), "You Make Me Feel" (Cobra Starship f. Sabi). These songs are all aspirational and show the theme of "love" in a positive light. They are all very easy to sing along to and carry a great rhythm.

3. Extrovert - "You Got Me" ("N.B.T." Season Four Artist, Hollywood Ending)

Additional songs: "Fireball" (Willow Smith f. Nicki Minaj),"Magic" (B.o.B feat. Rivers Cuomo), "James" (Allstar Weekend). For the extrovert, these are all songs that they can just "rock out" to. The upbeat nature of these songs is perfect for the kid who finds it hard to stand still.

4. Tech Wiz - "What Can I Say" ("N.B.T." Season Four Artist, Shealeigh)

Additional songs: "Mr. Know It All" (Kelly Clarkson), "Liar, Liar" (Christina Grimmie), "Unfriend You" (Greyson Chance). These songs are very relatable to most kids today who are very tech-savvy. The themes of the songs incorporate social media or Internet themes and are great relatable songs for that tech savvy tween in your house.

5. The Philosopher - "Invisible" ("N.B.T." Season Four Artist, Ladina Spence)

Additional songs: "Stereo Hearts" (Gym Class Heroes f. Adam Levine), "Good Life" (One Republic), "Brighter Than The Sun" (Colbie Caillat). If your tween is one that always tries to reason and justify his actions, then these are great songs for them to listen to. They are songs that are aspirational and have a positive message about life and the things that tweens go through on a day to day basis.

Do you relate to your teenager musically? What tunes can you both listen to?


Image via wmbreeveld/Flickr

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