Military Dad Attempting Homecoming Surprise Gets One of His Own (VIDEO)

Military HomecomingThere's nothing like a military homecoming video to put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. But leave it to a teenage girl to turn the heartwarming return of her daddy from Iraq into something that actually leaves us giggling. It turns out Tech. Sgt. Chuck Minor wasn't the only one doing the surprising when he made the 36-hour trip from the Middle East back home to Omaha.

The Airman's daughter is 18 and a college freshman, so he thought the best way to give her a holiday surprise was to show up at her school. Any guesses what he found when he got there?


It wasn't Sarah. The teenage girl had skipped her class at the University of Nebraska. Whoops! Check out the action:

Awww, what a great dad. I don't know if I could have handled my kid skipping school with such calm ... especially after a 36-hour trip across the continent to see her! But it does make you think about what really matters, doesn't it?

I may have to expunge this post from the interwebs in about 10 years when my kiddo is old enough to get her driver's license, but seeing the Minor family together in a Chipotle instead of the hallway at college makes skipping school seem ... pretty minor (no pun intended!). I mean, serial truancy is a big fat no no, but didn't you ever skip school?

I remember back in the pre-Columbine era when a few of us would gather lunch requests from our fellow seniors and slip out the back door of our high school and beat a retreat to the parking lot. A quick ride into town to hit the deli, and an hour later we were back with sandwiches for everyone. And I don't think my parents ever knew ... not because they're idiots (see Mom!), but because I was smart enough to keep my grades up! I didn't do anything that would make school skipping a real problem, and I certainly didn't do it habitually.

It seems like Sarah's the same way ... if her dad hadn't gotten his R&R from the Air Force a little early, no one would have been the wiser about her trip to Chipotle! That makes her surprise for Dad OK in my book.

How about you? Would you go easy on your school-skipping kid if there were no other signs that they were being truant?


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