Wanting Plastic Surgery Just Makes Your Teen Normal

plastic surgeryHere we go again. Another survey of teenagers shows they're all a hot mess who think plastic surgery would fix them right up. Well, OK, 25 percent of them would go under the knife: specifically in order to look like the hotties they see on TV. Quelle horreur! Our babies are going to hades in a handbasket. Quick, grab the remote!

Or, you know, grab yourself a little dose of something called reality and drink right up. Let me give this to you straight: hearing that kids want plastic surgery shouldn't surprise you in the least. And it's not all about the idiot box in your living room. It's just their age.


Kids want a fast fix for everything. Why do you think there are scads of them all gathered 'round one desk in homeroom in the morning, copying the math homework off the one kid whose mom didn't let him waste his time on Facebook last night? And how many kids do you know who are still struggling to figure out the concept of how long Mom and Dad have to work in order to pay the mortgage and the utilities ... forget setting aside cash for that Xbox 360?

In part it's the way kids now operate and have for centuries. Their narcissistic tendencies force a now, now, fix it now for meeeeeee mentality. But there's no question the Internet generation has a serious craving for instant gratification. We had to wait for things like a trip to the mall -- they just go online shopping. We had to wait for our teachers to return our tests -- they just hop online to check their grades.

So why wouldn't they expect plastic surgery can fix their bodies instead of actually working to lose weight or trying a skin cleaning regimen to clear up that acne? Or waiting to grow up so their bodies will stop changing and they can figure out if those boobs will get bigger or those hips even out?

Yes, this is a sign that kids are unhappy with their bodies. But again, I say tell me something I don't know. We have a childhood obesity crisis going on. Some 12.5 million kids are obese. Not chunky. Not husky. Obese. That number equals about 17 percent of kids. No wonder one in four are unhappy.

And frankly, this is not new and it's not about TV. I grew up in a TV-free household, and I too dreamed of a little nip and tuck. Because ... you guessed it ... I was a teenager and I hated my body in the 1990s and just wanted a quick fix.

Are you really shocked at how many kids would go for plastic surgery?


Image via ornello_pics/Flickr

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