High School Cheerleading Squad Is a Bunch of Gutsy Moms (VIDEO)

mom cheerleadersMost of us have asked ourselves a time or two: just how far would we go for our kids? Pretty much any mom would throw herself in front of a moving vehicle to push her kid to safety. But how many moms do you know who would return to the humiliating world of high school?

I have to give it up for 16 of the mothers living in teeny tiny St. Ignace, Michigan. They saw their tiny school couldn't summon enough interest to build a cheerleading squad for the football games. So they formed one themselves. Literally.


As in, they stand on the sidelines at the La Salle High School football games, shake their fists, and yell out cheers. It's so adorable, I can't help wanting to cheer for them. At the same time, I'm completely quivering in my mom jeans at the thought of having to do the same for my kid.

I don't know about your high school, but cheerleaders always had that air of "pretty, popular, untouchable" back in my day. These girls were confident. They were going out there every weekend and actually demanding people look at them! I had plenty of friends on the cheerleading squad, but putting myself out there in front of tons of people in a short skirt and trying to look cute was my idea of the fifth circle of hell. Insecurity, thy name is teenage girl with a spare tire 'round the middle and a smattering of zits on the cheeks.

I will do a lot for my kid. Throw myself into a river (even though I can't swim) to try to keep her from drowning. Give her the last Oreo. Let her lie on my chest while we're watching The Smurfs even though I desperately have to pee and her elbow is on my bladder. But the idea of putting myself back there fills me with abject horror.

But with a school so small that there weren't enough kids to make a team, what the La Salle moms are willing to do for their kids is sweet. They're giving their kids the full high school experience, right down to a mom-organized pep rally. And if you question whether they're really helping their kids, how about this? The La Salle team has gone undefeated this season! Check the moms out in action:

Would you go back to high school for your kids?


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