Selena Gomez Rocks Gal Pal Power at AMAs (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez Taylor SwiftIt was a "blink and you miss it" moment at last night's American Music Awards (or AMAs for you crazy kids who shorten everything to txt it), but somehow I caught teen queen Selena Gomez and buddy Taylor Swift as the cameras panned the audience. While Nicki Minaj was onstage rapping, the girls (come on, they're both still in that category) were acting like a bunch of little kids. It was adorable! And it gave me hope.

Rapping along with Minaj, they were so open, so honest, so natural ... such a great reminder that the sullen door-slamming, mom-hating teenager is just one part of the equation. And we have the power to keep that side at bay. Really.


We're so worried about raising good citizens that we forget having fun is an important part of life! But what's so bad about hanging with your friends, singing along with a singer? Just look at Gomez and Swift:

It looks like the weight of the world has been lifted off of them, doesn't it? Seeing Gomez, who we all know is dealing with her boyfriend's baby mama drama at the moment, just chilling with her gal pal hit me right in the solar plexus. When I'm having it tough, I need my girlfriends. They let me take some of the adult burden I'm carrying around on my shoulders, place it at the door, and forget it there for a night. We laugh. We joke. We act like a bunch of little kids.

If someone took your friends away, you'd be mad, wouldn't you? Depressed? In a door-slamming mood? Duuuuuuh!

So why do we do this to our kids? Why is it always "you're grounded, no phone, no Internet, no friends!" I don't care what a kid has done; teenagers' friends are their life line. Taking that away is like cutting off a finger. It's almost as damaging as if you'd taken away your own love and comfort.

I will never understand why parents who were so adamant that they wouldn't crush their toddler's spirit have no qualms yanking the rug out from under their teenager's simplest joys. Want to raise a teenager who isn't yanked down into the depths of despair by a bad grade or an iron-clad home rule? Stop taking away their joyful moments as a means of punishment!

Look at Selena Gomez just being a kid for a minute with a friend at her side. She looks happy, doesn't she? Don't you want that for your kid?


Image via YouTube

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