It's About Time Math-Savvy Teen Girls Get Their Own T-Shirt

thinkgeek t-shirtPinch me, I must be dreaming! It seems somebody in the teen clothing industry finally realized that ditzy, damsel-in-distress thing went out of style about 50 years ago. Remember the nausea-inducing "too pretty to do homework" t-shirt that had moms everywhere smacking their foreheads in frustration? There's now a snarky alternative on the market that will restore your faith in fashion.

ThinkGeek's "No, I Will Not Do Your Math" t-shirt comes in women's and girls' sizes and my daughter is totally getting one for Christmas (shhh, don't tell!).

There are two things I absolutely LOVE about this shirt. Not only does it give girls permission to wear their smarts with pride ...


It also gives them permission to OWN those smarts. Like, Look buddy, I'm not helping you with your algebra just because you're captain of the football team, okay?

Unfortunately it's soooo common for intelligent girls to get roped into doing their lazy boyfriend's homework or talked into letting him sneak a peek at her chemistry test. I completely forgot until I saw this shirt, but I did a bit of this myself in high school and certainly wasn't the only girl I knew who did. (What fools we were!) I don't know why we do this, if it's an insecurity thing or the female tendency to nurture or a combination of both, but it's NOT cool.

So now that we've got a t-shirt covering those issues, here are a few more wearable slogans I'd love to see:

"No, I Can't Hang Out Behind the 7-Eleven With You All Night, I Have to Study for the SATs"

"No, I Have Better Things to Do Than Sit Around and Watch You and Your Boys Play Video Games All Night"

"No, I'm Not Going to Let You Take Naked Pictures of Me With Your iPhone"

Would you buy this shirt for your daughter?


Image via ThinkGeek

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