Disturbing Panties Should Have Never Been Sold in Kid’s Store (VIDEO)

crotchless panties for teensSpeaking as someone who was once a teenager, and an obnoxious one at that, I can firmly attest to the fact that teens aren't the smartest demographic in the world. In addition to being filled with raging, angsty hormones that make them say and do stupid things, they're gullible enough to spend their money on anything and everything that's advertised to them -- be it a pair of $200 furry boots, 50 packs of Big League Chew, or a pair of crotchless panties. Oh, yes, I just wrote crotchless panties.

A store in Colorado called Kids N Teen recently caught heat for selling leopard-print crotchless thongs. They pulled them from their shelves after a concerned, disgusted (normal) mother, Erin French, complained.

I'm thinking that's probably the smartest move Kids N Teen has ever made.


From what French describes -- and from what Kids N Teen looks like in the video -- the store caters to small children and young teenagers. There are stuffed animals throughout the shop, and no signs of risque Forever 21-esque clothes anywhere. Think more Children's Place than Hot Topic. Which makes the whole crotchless underwear thing even more deplorable.

French noticed the undergarments when she stopped into the store with her daughter and son. She said, "I was mortified. My first initial response was, 'Am I really seeing that?'" When she complained to the owner of the store, the owner defended herself by saying that 25 percent of her merchandise is for teens. Ohhhh, so that makes it okay then. Crotchless panties should totally be sold to gullible, impressionable teenagers.

Not. Crotchless panties totally shouldn't be sold to gullible, impressionable teenagers. (Thirteen is considered "teenager," for God's sake!) And they especially shouldn't be sold to teens in a place where little non-teen kids are. It's wrong, it's revolting, and it pretty much encourages irresponsible sex. Fail.

Check out the video:

Do you think this is wrong?

Image via 9News

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