Cruel Teachers Who Bullied Special Needs Student Should Be Punished (VIDEO)

cheyanneStories about kids being bullied are always heart-wrenching, but this one is flat-out heartbreaking. Because it wasn't another kid who was bullying 14-year-old Cheyanne at her Ohio middle school, it was her teachers. That's right, teachers, plural.

And Cheyanne isn't just any student, she's a special needs student.

It only gets worse, I'm incredibly sorry to say. The verbal abuse Cheyanne endured at the hands of her teacher Christie Wilt and teacher's aide Kelly Chaffins is enough to turn your stomach (more on what constituted the abuse later). I can't imagine how Cheyanne's parents felt when the school principal ignored their complaints, telling them their daughter was just "making up stories." Even the superintendent refused to take them seriously.

So Cheyanne's parents decided to do something drastic


Desperate for proof, her dad Brian sent Cheyanne to school equipped with a hidden recording device.

Four days later, Brian says he and Cheyanne's mom stayed up all night crying over what they heard on those audio tapes: seven hours of Wilt and Chaffins taunting the special needs child in the most shockingly cruel manner possible, calling her dumb, a liar, and a cheat, ridiculing her for being overweight, and forcing her to run on a treadmill as punishment.

With evidence that shocking, you'd think the school would have to take action, right?

Well, yes ... barely. Chaffins was asked to resign, but all Wilt was required to do was undergo eight hours of anti-bullying and child abuse training.

How anyone in their right mind could allow that woman to continue teaching is beyond all comprehension. Beyond ALL comprehension. Who's making that judgment call and WHY? If anyone treated my child that way, I would ... I don't know what I'd do. Hopefully not end up in jail. Cheyanne's parents filed a civil lawsuit against the school district, which was definitely a wiser way to go than ... what I'd probably end up doing. They were awarded $30,000 in damages.

But the family still can't rest, because Wilt is still teaching.


What would you do if Cheyanne was your daughter?

Image via MSNBC

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