The Smartest Kids Are the Ones Doing Drugs

smart kidWith all the education and information about how dangerous and damaging illegal drugs are, you'd think kids today would be smarter than to mess them. The problem is the fact that they're smart may actually be making them do the drugs in the first place.

A recent study says that all those little geniuses we're so proud of with their high IQ scores are more likely to do drugs in their later years. Men with high childhood IQ scores (defined as those between 107 and 158) were two times more likely to do drugs in their lifetime than those with lower IQ scores; and get this -- girls were three times more likely to do drugs if they had had high IQ scores. Yikes, step away from the flashcards and brain-boosting activities?


We haven't had our children's IQs tested; it's something we're currently considering doing for my son, but haven't as of yet. Based on what we know about his academic performance so far, I'd guess he won't be on the low end, which at least used to comfort me that he'd have a solid foundation from which to learn and build upon through the years. Turns out that foundation could be a shaky one.

The reason why scares me even more, but makes sense. Researchers say it may be due to the fact that those with high IQs are "more open to new experiences" and are "more sensation seeking." Plus, they say it may be linked to what I think is one of the biggest dangers to children -- boredom.

My children growing bored is one of my greatest fears, and one that led me to some less-than-desirable choices when I was young. Not the everyday what can we do, moooooom? bored -- that I think is good for fostering creativity. It's the bigger boredom when they don't find school, or activities, or hobbies interesting that I think can lead to too many opportunities to fill time with unproductive and sometimes dangerous activities. It's why I will encourage/insist my children play team sports, seek out hobbies, and pursue interests; it's why I will make sure they are challenged in school to the best of my ability.

There are no guarantees, of course, but hopefully we'll be smart enough to figure it out together along the way.

Do you worry about your children growing bored and seeking out less-than-desirable ways to fill their time over the years?

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