Teen in Wheelchair Scores Touchdown & Inspires All (VIDEO)

field goalThere are many traits I try to foster in my children. Things like kindness, respect for others, determination, and a strong work ethic provide teachable moments nearly every day. But it's one of the most important traits I want my children to embrace that can be the most challenging to teach -- resilience. Trent Glaze, a senior at Fairfield Union High School in Lancaster, Ohio, provides a perfect example of it though.

According to a story in the New York Daily News, Glaze suffers from muscular dystrophy and has been confined to a wheelchair for the last 10 years. He hasn't, however, let the disease confine his dreams. As an avid football fan, he joined the team his sophomore year and for three years has sat on the sidelines learning plays, giving the players tips, and eventually being selected this year as team captain. The team's coach calls him his "right-hand man."


Last Friday night, his dream came true when he actually got to carry the football across the end zone and score a touchdown for his team. “It means a lot,” Glaze told ABC. “It’s going to be in my memory for the rest of my life. I’ll never forget it.”

I don't doubt that, but his determination and spirit shouldn't be forgotten by anyone either. In the interview, he said, "Many times I'd just sit in my room and just think, Why me? Then I'd said, Well if it's going to be me, you're going to have to adapt to it."

And that's it. Life is so unpredictable and full of twists and turns. There's much happiness, but oh boy is there a lot of heartache. We can't avoid it all -- whether it's illness, or financial woes, or the death of a loved one -- but we can avoid being bogged down by it and we can do our best to carry on with as much grace and strength as we can muster. Giving our children the tools to do that is one of the best gifts we can give them, even though it's one we hope they don't have to use often.

From the simplest preschool saying "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" that I utter whenever my daughter starts to melt down because she doesn't get the color of sippy cup she wanted, to not always rushing in to try and prevent my son from every little disappointment, I try to teach it in small ways. I hope someday when those lessons are needed in a big way, they'll think of them and of heroes like Glaze and find their own resilience.

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How do you teach your children resilience?

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