14-Year-Old Busted for Playing Slots Wasn't Doing Anything Wrong

slot machinesIf I had to pick an illegal activity for my teen to engage in, I think playing slots would probably be my first choice. Think about it: Which demographic is most often associated with slot machines? That's right, little old ladies. Not exactly the riskiest of businesses, you know?

So personally, I don't think the 14-year-old who was apprehended by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for playing slot machines at the Tropicana in Atlantic City deserves any sort of disciplinary action. If he were my kid, I wouldn't have grounded him or even demanded his winnings (which probably amounted to about $10).

And I'm not about to accuse his mom and dad of bad parenting. Because the kid played the slots?

I don't think I even realized slot machines counted as gambling with a capital "G" until I heard this story. The teen probably thought he was at an arcade.


The incident was reportedly such a big deal that a "crackdown" on underage gambling in Atlantic City is now in progress.

That seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? Maybe they just need to offer regular eye exams to their security guards, since none of them noticed the kid enter the casino in the first place.

I'm just saying.

Look, I'd be worried about my 14-year-old drinking and driving, or getting busted for buying weed, or ending up on the next season of 16 and Pregnant. Even shoplifting worries me more than the possibility of my kid sitting on a stool with a row of blue-haired grandmas watching lemons and cherries whiz before his eyes.

Do you think a 14-year-old playing slots is a big deal?


Image via Lisa Brewster/Flickr

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