'Go Ask Alice' Style Sex Ed Freaking Way Too Many Parents Out

sex ed bookIt's not too often that I agree -- wholeheartedly, no less -- with something Mayor Michael Bloomberg says. But as a parent (and former teenager), I think his defense of the New York City Department of Education's new sexual education curriculum for middle schoolers and its inclusion of the "explicit" website Go Ask Alice as a recommended resource was right on the money.

"We have a responsibility, when you have an out of wedlock birthrate and a sexually transmitted disease rate that we have in this country, to try to do something about it," he said on Monday.

"Shame on us if we don't."

Exactly! Mayor Bloomberg was responding mostly to attacks from the NYC Parents' Choice Coalition, a group that demands that the new "graphic" classes be replaced with a program focusing on the promotion of teen abstinence.

Oh, great idea! Because nothing gets through to teens like a good old-fashioned abstinence campaign.



The NYC Parents' Choice Coalition, along with several like-minded (Republican) politicians including State Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, feel that the content included in the course and on Go Ask Alice is completely inappropriate for young teens because it not only acknowledges the very likely possibility of teens having sex, but answers questions about sexual positions, fetishes, pornography, and other "mature" topics.

This is true. But Go Ask Alice is a safe (free from predators), academic (factually accurate) forum. Do these parents and politicians not realize that a kid can do an online search for anything from ball gags to bestiality and find unregulated, incorrect information galore??

Look, face facts: Your 13-year-old isn't going to ask you about lube and vibrators. It's better to point her in the direction of a reliable resource than let her wander blindly about the untamed Internet all alone.

Or you know, I guess you could skip the talk about birth control and condoms and give her an awkward speech extolling the virtues of waiting for the right person. But might I suggest you watch an episode or two of 16 and Pregnant first?

Do you think Go Ask Alice is too explicit?


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