Down Syndrome Teen Gets Homecoming King Honor! (VIDEO)

kevin schombertConsider this story your official antidote to the usual youth-gone-wild, terrible teen tales to make headlines. Kids at Urbana High School in Maryland made a surprisingly kind, shockingly mature choice when they crowned their homecoming king last week. Turning the notion of homecoming as a shallow popularity contest on its head, they voted fellow student Kevin Schombert as king. 

Kevin manages Urbana High's basketball team and is known for having tons of school spirit, which makes him the obvious choice.

But he also has Down syndrome, which makes him a less obvious choice.


Still, it appears as though Schombert's differences don't matter at all to his classmates, who cheered their buddy on with genuine enthusiasm (warning: you WILL cry when you watch the video). As with the Texas Down syndrome teen recently voted homecoming queen, Schombert's fellow students campaigned tirelessly on his behalf.

To hear one of those students tell it (Jake Hrabosky), "It means everything to us ... we all love him."

"My heart is about to burst, I'm so happy for him," said Schombert's mother, Christine. (Are you crying yet?)

I'm so happy for Kevin Schombert I could burst, too. And I'll never think of homecoming in quite the same way again. (Which is a good thing!)

Does watching this video of Kevin Schombert's homecoming put a lump in your throat?

Image via wusa9

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