10-Year-Old Marching Band Star Will Be Famous (VIDEO)

We never want to push kids before their time, but for one 10-year-old in Florida, there was no place to showcase his talent on the drum other than straight to high school. Officially, Velt Green is now the Doogie Howser of the high school marching band. And at just 4'8", his age shows. Still, he keeps on marching.

Marching band is not easy. I was in my high school's marching band for two grueling weeks before ninth grade when I discovered that A) I have no musical talent, and B.) I kind of hated it. Nevertheless, the kids that did it were dedicated and had a lot of fun. It was considered the highlight after years of practice on a musical instrument.

Ten-year-olds are usually just beginning, but Green is already on top of high schoolers. See for yourself:


As a parent, I might be a little nervous about my 10-year-old coming home with "one time at band camp" stories, but I would be awfully proud of my child that he could keep up with kids who were so much bigger and older.

Luckily, he has a sister in the school who helped convince the band director to let him into the band. She likely keeps an eye on the elementary student while he plays with the high school students.

It takes a very special talent and if he is in the high school marching band at 10, I have no doubt he could be playing professionally at 20.

Look out world. I think this kid is going to hit the big time.

Do you think it's a good idea for him to play?

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