Another 'Girls Are Bad at Math' Fashion FAIL

tetris teeFirst Forever 21 did it, then JCPenney, and now a boutique in Brooklyn, New York is using the "girls are bad at math" theory to try and sell T-shirts. You'd think they'd know better, but I guess it's just too hard to resist perpetuating the notion that, goodness gracious oh me oh my, girls should only concern themselves with fashion and style and not worry about learning how to add and subtract.

The store, Life:Curated, poked fun at our supposed lack of math skills in the copy next to one of their blouses, but no one's laughing. Here's what they wrote:


Just because you failed 11th grade math class doesn’t mean you can’t bring some geometry into your life with this Tetris print blouse.

Blerg. So unnecessary. What a terrible message.

As far as I can tell, the tee and its offensive copy have been pulled from the site. I'm sure any moment now there'll be an apology written on the store's blog saying that, no, they don't think girls are bad at math, and oops, our bad, but come on. It isn't funny.

This copy isn't an isolated incident, unfortunately. I could go on and on, but it's really time we stop trying to make jokes about girls being dumb. What is with that?? Why is it tolerated so much so that a hip, fashion-forward boutique in a very cool neighborhood in the greatest city in the world would think it's cute and funny to tie together a geometric-print blouse with girls failing math class?

There aren't any shirts out there that imply that African Americans are bad at math, or that men are terrible with grammar, because, well, that would be freaking offensive. But when it comes to T-shirts degrading girls and women, it's clearly allowed. Otherwise, this wouldn't keep happening.

What do you think?


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