Why Teens and Slutty Halloween Costumes Don't Mix

slutty costumeNaughty Nurse, French Maid, Sexy Cowgirl, "Bad" Cop ... the slutty Halloween costume options are endless for teen girls. Okay, fine -- I'll admit I've worn a few variations on this theme myself over the years (my favorite was the Nasty Nun get-up, I think). And I'm not against sexy Halloween costumes for teens because I think they're a one way ticket to 16 and Pregnant-ville or anything like that.

My problem with girls thoughtlessly dressing up in the trampiest thing they can find has nothing to do with sex at all.

In my opinion, the problem with these costumes is that they allow teen girls to get away with having absolutely no imagination whatsoever. None!

I mean,  if you're going to throw on some red fishnets and a pair of glittery horns and call yourself a devil, you might as well cut a couple of eye holes in a white bedsheet and say you're a ghost. About the same level of creativity is required.


Every woman takes the sexy way out at some point in her life, but let's not teach our girls to make a habit of it. Halloween is the perfect time for a teen to really express herself. Wear something funny or scary or clever and ironic. Dress up like a character from a movie or a TV show or a book with some kind of personal meaning. Make a political statement. Just wear something that says anything besides: Look at me, I have boobs!

As a mom, I recognize the teen years as a crucial time for girls in terms of character development. Teens will take whatever it is that gets them attention and run with it, whether it's positive attention or negative attention. The traits they're continually praised or criticized for -- athletic prowess, poor academic performance, musical talent, etc. -- become part of their identities.

Dressing up like a Halloween harlot is a ridiculously effortless way to get attention, which is exactly why it's a ridiculously dangerous way to get attention.

Come on, girls! Think harder!! Yes, all the boys will call you Poca-hot-ass if you wear that skimpy (so-called) Native American costume, but you can do better than that!

Would you let your teen daughter wear a slutty Halloween costume?


Image via Dennis Crowley/Flickr

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