Wacky Renaissance Faire Dad Punishes Daughter With 2-Hour Sword Fight

sword fightI like a good Renaissance Faire as much as the next gal, but I always knew something was a little off with those people. There's a big difference between people who visit Renaissance Faires and people who live Renaissance Faires. And the father who made his teenage daughter fight him in a two-hour "medieval-style duel" for going to a party without his permission illustrates this point beautifully.

When Freamon Seay of Yelm, Washington learned that his stepdaughter enjoyed the company of others without filling him in first, he had her strap on some armor and fight him with a wooden sword. This was, of course, after punching her new school-style and beating her with a tree branch

The girl's mother, Julie, fellow Ren Faire enthusiast and daycare worker, sat on the sidelines and watched as the battle took place. She and her freak husband have since been charged with abuse. Off with their heads!


Freamon told police that "since his daughter was 16, she was old enough to fight him." Apparently, in the Renaissance World, 16 is old enough to fight, wed, and bear children, but not old enough to listen to a harpsichord with some friends over a few ales.

Here's the thing that's wrong with this situation -- besides the entire situation: Parents who live these weird, cult-like lifestyles should not automatically enlist their children to do the same. I understand they are the people responsible for them, but let the kids choose their own life without forcing their own weird tendencies down their throats. And I'm not talking about religion here, I'm talking about people who raise their kids at Renaissance Faires!

If Freamon and Julie think having a 16-year-old fight a grown man is an appropriate punishment for doing something most kids just get grounded for, well, they're clearly out of touch with reality and shouldn't have kids.

Luckily, since the duel, the girl and two other children are temporarily staying with other family members. May ye never return.

Do you think Freamon's children should be taken away?


Image via TheBustBrain/Flickr

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