Paris Jackson Challenges Sex Stereotypes at Her School

Jackson kids
Prince, Blanket, and Paris Jackson
Out of the three children Michael Jackson left behind, 13-year-old daughter Paris seems most likely to inherit the spotlight. Maybe it's her status as the middle child. Maybe it's the fact that she's a girl.

Either way, she's sort of served as the unofficial spokesperson for the siblings, from her heartbreaking speech at her father's 2009 memorial service to her appearance at this month's "Michael Forever" tribute concert, where she wore a replica of the famous Thriller jacket. Now the precocious teen is showing signs of her father's tenacious talent for breaking new ground ...


Paris recently became the first female ever in the history of her Los Angeles private school to join the football team!

Apparently playing football has always been a dream for Paris, and I have no doubt she'll prove herself to be quite the athlete. Even if she is the only girl on her school's flag football squad.

I find this story inspiring on so many levels. Of course there's the whole empowered girl thing, which is pretty fabulous in and of itself. But there's also an element of relief: Paris was so visibly shaken by Jackson's passing that it would have been understandable if she'd gone into a long and difficult period of withdrawal. Instead, she's thriving.

I have a feeling this girl has a pretty amazing future ahead, and I can't wait to see what she's going to do.

One thing's for certain -- she's already making her father very, very proud.

Do you think Paris Jackson takes after her father?


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