Are the Most Expensive Colleges Worth It?

most expensive collegesI'm embarrassed to say that I don't actually remember what my college tuition was per year. I went to two universities, and while one was much more costly than the other, and I applied for financial aid on my own for both, I still could not tell you what my yearly bill came out to be. Still, I know neither came close to the most expensive college in the United States.

I also know that the amount in my children's college funds is nowhere near what it costs to attend even a week and a half at Sarah Lawrence. Or any of the colleges on the list, as I'm only pretending we have a serious college fund.

So how much will these schools put you back?


The most expensive college in America is, yet again, Sarah Lawrence in Yonkers, New York, coming in at a total yearly cost of $58,334. Wow, my kids better come out with a brain twice its normal size if I'm paying for SL. But the thing is, all of the others on the list only drop about a grand. So basically, all of these colleges are crazy expensive and will make you (or your student loan burdened child) go broke.

Luckily, neither my husband nor I went to the University of Chicago, Fordham, Wesleyan, The New School, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Columbia, Washington University, or Georgetown. So my kids won't be all, "Hey, if it was good enough for you and pops ... " But since only one of these expensive schools wound up on the list of America's Best Colleges, I might only push for the University of Chicago if we happened to win the lottery. Of course, assuming my kids could even get into those hallowed halls.

Mostly I can't wrap my head around this much money for school. Especially since the job market is so horrible. Is this cost worth it? How much learning are my kids going to get for almost $60K? Really? It's enough to make you hope your kids drop out and decide to go to the school of life. Where you'll only pay the first and last month's rent at their digs in some metropolis and maybe care packages of peanut butter and cocoa. I'm leaning that way.

Do the prices of these schools make you wish your kid wouldn't go to college?


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