Terrifying Bike Accident With 4-Year-Old Is Lesson for All

If I ever needed another reason to make sure both of my children wear their helmets when they are on their bikes or scooters, this is it. A 4-year-old boy in Iowa had his head run over by a car (yes, you read that right) and though his helmet was shattered, he survived with only bruises

Eli Dobbs was hit by a car after a toddler in the driver's seat accidentally knocked it into neutral and his parents watched helplessly. After the car ran over his head, only the strap of the helmet remained with one piece of plastic sticking out of his head.

It is hard to even imagine what that must have been like for his parents to witness. It must feel like a miracle to have him be able to get up and still be fine. It should be a lesson.


This is a huge thing for me as my family is very active and we bike a lot. My children have always had to wear helmets, but this past summer, I did get a little lax. It was hot and my daughter only has training wheels so I let her go out a couple times without it. Now, it is a struggle to get her to wear it, but after this story, she has no choice.

There was a time not all that long ago (when I was a kid) where helmets were not even considered. Now I think a child looks naked without one.

The other day a child was biking through town without their helmet and my daughter said: "Mommy!  He needs a helmet!" I was so proud.

The only way to make sure they wear a helmet is to make sure they wear it all the time. That means no slacking (memo to self) even when I know they will be going slow and be on the sidewalk. It is just good practice. If putting on the helmet is part of the routine, they won't forget to do it!

It is not every day a lesson comes so strongly and yet does not include some sort of tragedy. Little Eli is fine and the reason he is fine is a helmet. I am never forgetting mine again.

Do your kids wear helmets?

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