Awesome 6-Year-Old Is Best Heavy Metal Head Banger Ever (VIDEO)

6-year-old headbangerFrom adorable little Sophia Grace who has been wowing the world with her rendition of Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass" to our own little singers and dancers hamming it up at home, watching children being absorbed by music is adorable. Their ability to completely give themselves up to the beat and let themselves go is infectious and never gets old.

Here's a rad clip of Madi, a 6-year-old who happens to love heavy metal. Check out this video of her rocking out hard to Manowar after the jump.


Not exactly my kind of music, but I love her performance nonetheless. She's at the age in the video where she still has all the confidence in the world, and could care less about anything but dancing there in that moment. I wish girls could keep the quality as they grow and mature, but sadly it often fades as peer pressure and insecurities creep into their lives and suck out some of that spontaneity.

It was recorded years ago, and Madi is now almost 18. I hope she hasn't stopped rockin' and that she keeps banging her head and being moved by the music always. I think the world would need a lot less therapy if we all just let loose like this once in awhile, don't you?

Do your kids get lost in music? Do you love this video?

Image via YouTube

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