Boys' T-Shirts Promoting Sexual Violence Are Not 'Just Shirts'

rape shirtClothing designers are letting the parents of boys get in on the disgust that all us moms of girls have been dealing with lately. We've had to contend with t-shirt makers telling our daughters they're "too pretty" for homework and contending they're "allergic to algebra." Now our sons are being offered t-shirts that encourage them to "stop at rape."

Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit? The shirt technically urges boys to "Calm Down Dear, Let's Not Turn This Rape Into Murder."


Made by Jamrags, a British store that keeps it classy by advising anyone who doesn't like their vomit-inducing products to "f--k off," this one has the dubious honor of being the absolute worst in the line. The folks at Mommyish say it's evidence that girls aren't the only ones who are being targeted by these companies.

I'll agree and take it one step further. Companies are setting up our boys to be sexually inappropriate, and our girls to be victims. Yes, I know I said this post would be all about our sons, but it's hard to talk about something as chilling as rape encouragement without talking about our daughters, isn't it?

Girls are being marginalized on their own shirts as nothing more than a fluffy nitwit who needs a boy to do her homework. Is it any wonder the boys are being empowered on theirs to take advantage of that airhead who is always leaning on him?

I know, I know, it's "just a t-shirt." But t-shirts are made by PEOPLE and bought by PEOPLE. People who have these ideas ingrained in them and are perpetuating these disturbing gender roles. A t-shirt that says sexual violence is acceptable for boys was made by someone who had that thought. A t-shirt that says sexual violence is acceptable for boys is being purchased by someone who shares that thought. That means these people are out there, and they're teaching our kids the same twisted ideas.

So let's not kid ourselves: this isn't "just a shirt." It's a sign that some boys are still being raised to think that sexual violence toward women is OK. And it's not. Ever.

Is this "just a shirt" to you?


Image via Jamrags

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