I Would Feel Totally Safe Letting My Teenager Drive a Car Like This

joanna kernsI love stories about especially meaningful first experiences: A baby's first laugh, a kid's first bike ride, the first time camping or on an airplane or eating jalapeno peppers. It's all stuff you want to remember as a parent (but sometimes don't); times you definitely wish you had a camera ready (but almost never do).

So I really dig this story, because it combines the most TADA! first of all, childbirth (first day of life!), with another fairly big deal first, a teen's first car. (Which she might argue is more important than her birth, and you know what? Don't even bother trying to reason with her.)


Sixteen-year-old Joanna Kerns of Ohio might be a new driver, but she's already spent time behind the wheel of her new (well, new-old) 1989 Toyota Corolla. And we're talking quality time! Yes, in classic Hollywood comedy/madcap birth scene fashion, Joanna's mom Nancy gave birth to her daughter in that very car.

Aww, isn't that sweet?

Clearly Joanna feels a special bond with her car, which she likes to call The Birthmobile (her mom calls it The Placenta, which Joanna admits is "pretty gross"). Even though it's older than she is and has a good 188,000 miles on it, Joanna can't wait to take The Birthmobile to ... you guessed it ... the mall.

As a mom, in a weird way I would feel very safe sending my newly-licensed daughter out in the car that brought her into the world. Like it would always watch out for her, or something.

Wouldn't you feel oddly comfortable sending your kid out in this car?

Image via CNN

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