An 8-Year-Old Explains How She Fought the Bullies

bullying in schoolIn the campaign against bullying, we love to cheer those who stand up for the bullied and make a difference. It's especially inspiring to hear about an 8-year-old girl who stood up to a bully with great success. Even more amazing? She utilized her skills from karate class and defended her friend from a boy who was attacking him physically.

Egged on by another kid, a boy jumped on top of Sofie Buckley's friend. When Sofie went to his defense, the bully turned on her, but she used her blocking moves to deflect his attack. Luckily, her actions had the desired effect and the boy ran away.

Utilizing defensive moves rather than going on the offensive is the key in neutralizing a bully, and Sofie was able to think fast before going to get the teacher to come to her friend's aid. I asked Sofie what it was like in her school, and why she decided to stand up to the bullies, who were also boys. This impressive little lady gave me the scoop.


Is bullying a pretty big problem at your school?

Yes, it is. We have a "no bullying" contract that everyone signs on the first day of school. But people still do it.

Is this the first time you've been involved in a bullying incident?

No, the first time was a couple years ago at an after-school program. That's why I joined karate.

Why did you decide to be so awesome?

Because my friend was being hurt by two boys and I wanted to help him.

And what happened as a result?

We reported it to a teacher, but one of the bullies had already run away. So only the one who stayed got caught. I don't know what punishment he got.

Would you have any advice for kids your age who are also on the wrong end of a bully?

If you are at school, try to get someone's attention. If you are outside of school, yell and scream as loud as you can and someone will probably hear and try to help you.

Why do you think kids act this way?

They either like the person they are bullying, or are jealous of them. I don't know why you would be mean to someone you like.

The bullying problem from an 8-year-old perspective is about as straightforward as it gets. Talk to your kids about bullying, and what other children's behavior is like in these instances. Discussing the problem can only help diffuse these negative patterns.

In the meantime, check out more from this brave gal, over at WGBH. Go girl power!


Image via EddieS/Flickr

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