Boys Find Unique Way to Help Friend With Cancer

Going through cancer is difficult for anyone, but it's particularly difficult and heart-wrenching when the patient is just a child. Ten-year-old Brandon Carboni was feeling insecure and scared when he lost all his hair from chemotherapy treatments for his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last summer. But his friends came together and did something extraordinary.

Thirteen boys in his class shaved their heads in solidarity. It was a moving tribute that both of Carboni's parents said filled them with joy. The young boy who had previously been excited to go to school each day was scared and nervous about starting with no hair. He thought kids would mock him. He even asked to be home-schooled.

Instead they shaved their heads, too. Carboni's dad, Steve, said:


It was probably the most emotional day of my life. It was a tough day, in a very positive way.

Ten-year-old boys can get bad raps for being punks, but this shows just how much love they are capable of feeling. Now no one will make fun of Carboni, and if they do, he's got 13 boys behind him. But my guess is no one would have anyway. 

Kids can be so, so cruel. I remember 11 being a particularly tough year for bullying and peer pressure. But when children have a purpose, when they have something bigger than themselves, they can sometimes rise to the occasion.

These kids understood that Carboni was facing something scary and needed help. And they helped him. In their simple gesture that probably took each of them 10 minutes total, they told Brandon Carboni that he wasn't alone and he shouldn't be afraid.

It's moving and gives me hope that 10-year-old kids are capable of more than we give them credit for. And more good news: Carboni's prognosis is "excellent."

Does this move you?


Image via photosteve101/Flickr

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