Mom Blabs Secret on Facebook and Gets Sons Booted From Football Team

Facebook, footballNext to all of the juicy chit-chat and stimulating dialogue we have here on The Stir, Facebook is the second most irresistible place for mothers.

We like to get on there and post pics of the baby on the slide and little Timmy on his first day of kindergarten and our oldest — my, look how big he’s gotten! — on the way to get his driver’s license. We use our accounts like one big ol’ run-in with an old friend at the grocery store, when we give them a rundown of how the kids are doing.

That would’ve been fine for a Tennessee mom who, like so many of us, logged on to make a snarky complaint about her sons’ messy tendencies in one of her status updates. Except her comment included sensitive information that tipped some “friends” on her page that she was running a sham on the school district — and that mistake led to her boys getting kicked off of the high school football team. Good job, mom.


Brothers Rodney and Ryan Belasic have been declared ineligible to play for Perry County High because, even though school officials believed the boys’ family had established residency there, their mother inadvertently blabbed that she wasn’t living with them and they were only visiting her on weekends in another part of the state.

“How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they're only here on Saturday and Sunday?” she vented innocently to her readership. Alas, the diabolical plotting of moles on her page alerted the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association that the family did not meet the county’s residency requirements. As a result, the brothers’ transfer to the district was denied and the Perry County High football team had their first three victories of the season rescinded. Ouch.

Well, good thing they didn’t get into the school anyway because after knocking three wins off the record, the Belasic boys would probably not be too popular right about now, anyway.

There’s a lesson to be learned here for all status-updating mamas, I’m sure. Don’t put all your business out on the streets for all of Facebook-dom to see and use to rat you out. And sleep with one eye open until you’re sure the locals have gotten over the anguish of three defeats. Especially in the South. I hear they take their football super, super seriously.

Do you share pictures and information about your kids on social media?


Image via Jayel Aheram/Flickr

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