Going to Church Won't Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble

purity ringOh, for the love of God. No, really. Why does it come as such a shock to so many people that Christian teens are having nearly as much sex as their non-Christian peers? Don't tell me you really thought the purity rings and chastity pledges were going to work.

Look, as somebody who exclusively attended Catholic schools from the first day of kindergarten to the day I graduated high school, I can tell you with some certainty that just because a teen is Christian doesn't mean she or he lives like a nun or a priest.

And quite frankly, any parent who encourages their kid to sign on the dotted line of some bogus virtue warranty is way out of line anyway.


It gives me the creeps, to be honest, that a parent would go to such oddly formal lengths in an attempt to control their teenager's sex life. Am I saying that as parents we shouldn't try to teach our kids values and morals and ethics and all of those things I was taught in Catholic school? No, of course not. (After all, look how I turned out!)

But isn't it more important to teach our kids how to protect themselves from diseases and pregnancy in the VERY LIKELY EVENT that they do have sex? 

I just think that it's a huge mistake to use your teen's virginity as an indicator for his or her virtue. And what is virtue, anyway? I have a hard time believing that the girl who has a 4.0 GPA, organizes her school's holiday food drive, volunteers at the nursing home, and, oh yeah, also happens to have sex with her boyfriend is a less virtuous person than the girl who spreads nasty rumors about her "friends," steals money out of her mom's purse, and cheats regularly on tests but, oh yeah, shows up for church every Sunday and sticks to her chastity pledge.

Do you think religious beliefs really make a huge difference in teens' sex lives?


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