School Thinks 'Footloose' Dance Ban Will Stop Frisky Teens

dirty dancingThere's at least one town in America that will welcome the remake of Footloose headed to theaters. Plaistow, New Hampshire's high school has put an end to school dances. It's the only way, administrators say, to make kids stop grinding on each other in the middle of the dance floor. I wonder how many degrees Kevin Bacon is from Plaistow ...

You know what, they might be right. As long as there are high school dances, there will be kids trying to dirty dance. But can we just talk about what happens when kids don't have the option of school activities to occupy their free time?


Grinding. Without the benefit of their fancy school dance outfit or adults standing around giving you the stink-eye.

Let me tell you. I grew up in a rural area where there was nothing to do. Teen pregnancy rates aren't high in the sticks because our kids are abnormally stupid. They're BORED. Give kids something to do! Anything to do! It's the best way to keep them out of the backseat of mom's minivan doing the nasty.

I'm not without sympathy for school administrators. No one really enjoys watching a bunch of hormonal kids with their excessive displays of PDA (seriously, your parents flashing the porch light on and off back in the day wasn't just to embarrass you; they were seriously squicked by you sucking face). And none of them want to get reamed by a parent horrified that their little precious was subjected to the horrors of watching teenagers act like teenagers.

But let's face it, hormonal teens act like horndogs. Pushing the limits is part of being a kid.

And part of being an adult who works with kids is knowing that we have to push them back over the line. School dances are traditionally staffed by people who are getting PAID to supervise kids. That's part of the deal, people. You have to keep telling them to knock it off! Our teachers did it. Your teachers did it. It's as much a rite of passage for y'all as getting to first base was for us.

Cancelling school dances isn't going to stop kids from getting freaky. It's just going to let the school administrators say, "Hey, it wasn't on our watch." Way to pass the buck folks!

Do you think shutting down school dances is really the answer to curtailing our kids' hormones?

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