Letting Your Teen's Boyfriend Sleep Over Might Be a Good Thing

teen girl bedroomParenting pop quiz: If your teenage daughter asks that her boyfriend be allowed to sleep over, what would you say?

Your knee-jerk reaction is probably something along the lines of "Over my dead body!" or "Not under my roof!" Under, over, whatever ... the answer would probably be an emphatic NO.

Some mothers, however, do say YES to this unconventional request. In fact, a certain A-list celeb recently admitted that at 14, she and her boyfriend lived "like a married couple" under her mother's proverbial roof -- and with mom's blessing, too!

You'll never guess which celeb I'm talking about ...


Angelina Jolie. (Oh, you guessed right? Dang.) Anyway, get this: Not only does Jolie say that her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, let Angie's boyfriend live with them, she says it was a great parenting move, because by the time Angelina was 16, she wanted her "freedom" and to "focus on work."

Hmmm. So by the time Angelina was 16, the mystique of unlimited sex and co-habitation had worn off and she was as restless as a housewife from the 1950s! A feeling which, of course, propelled her to launch a career that would lead to global superstardom and (undoubtedly) a way, way hotter beau than the scrawny kid who used to sleep over at her mom's house.

Pretty clever.

I understand that this notion sounds outrageous, and I don't honestly know if I could allow my daughter to do the same thing. (She's only 10 anyway, so this won't be an issue for awhile.) But I do see the potential wisdom in this approach. It's just a fact that the more vehemently you tell your teen not to do something, the more enthusiastically she'll chase after said forbidden fruit.

I guess whether or not this is a good idea boils down to the particulars of your situation: Who is this clown your kid is dating, anyway? Is he some random guy she brought home from the mall or the honor student she's been dating since eighth grade? Are you pretty sure that if they weren't doing it in the house, they'd be parked in a dark lot somewhere, going at it in the backseat, so afraid to get caught that they forgot all about condoms?

I'm truly thankful that I won't be asked to give the boyfriend sleepover idea a thumbs-up or thumbs-down anytime soon. But when that time comes, I might actually pull a Marcheline Bertrand.

Or I might not.

Would you let your daughter's boyfriend sleep over your house?


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