3 Painless Ways to Break Up With Your Nanny

breaking up wht nannyPre-school is starting, you or your spouse got laid off, or perhaps you just really don't like the cut of your nanny's gib. No matter what, there will come a time when you no longer need your nanny's (or daycare, or baby-sitter's) services. Whether you think you'll see her around the neighborhood, or you just know you might need her again someday, it's a great idea to leave on pleasant terms. Make the transition a good one, for everyone involved by using one of these parent-tested methods.


The Clean Break

Say you never really bonded with your child's caregiver. While this is a shame, not everyone has a special relationship. If you're really never going to want or need to be involved in this person's life ever again, simply give the two week notice and offer to be a reference for her future employment. Be sure to give her a few extra bucks on her last day to show your appreciation as well. Also have your child make something for her to show her you know she was an important part of his life.

The Long Goodbye

Say your pre-school has a lot of holidays, or your nanny also offers to work nights. In this case, you're not really saying goodbye. You're simply saying, "Hey, let's cut your hours." While this helps keep your connection for an extended period, it may happen that your nanny needs to make money from other people and can't always fit your child in her day. Be prepared for her to turn down the opportunity, on occasion. In the meantime, if this lady is someone you love don't forget birthday party invitations, and holiday greetings. You want to keep her close, for everyone's benefit -- especially your child's.

The Honest Drop

While this may hurt a little bit, but it's like ripping off a band-aid. If your nanny did something that you found unacceptable, you've got to let her know. The most diplomatic way to let her go is to explain you're looking for someone who is a better fit for your family. Be prepared to present examples if necessary, as this can only help her understand the parting. Again, be fair in compensation, but don't let her think you'll be a stellar option for a reference, when you know you won't. The pain you'll save on the back end when she sees your child out and about with another woman, will be well-worth the initial discomfort.

Have you had to let a nanny or sitter go?


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