Your Daughter's Early Development Can Be a Mom's Biggest Headache

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Note to my daughter: not on my watch
Sometimes — too many times, if you ask me — girls are pressed too soon to have these brickhouse, video girl bodies. It’s like they’re in competition to see who can develop curves faster. I don’t even think it’s completely because of the hormones in the foods they eat. It’s like a ripple effect of evolution. Uck.

Back in the day, boobs were a big deal and there was a rush order on getting them. How many boxes of Kleenex have had to suffer the fate of a premature trashing because they were called upon to fill out empty bra cups?

But now, these girls are popping out every which-a-way.
And since that’s one thing that we can’t control or restrict, it can stress a mother out. I know it’s got me good and frazzled, particularly because my daughter wants to put her showroom-new ta tas on display in tight shirts and low-cut blouses. And she’s not even 13 yet. Jesus take the wheel.


I was, once upon a time in another life, a substitute teacher at a high school in Baltimore. More than once the principal would come into my room and bark at my students, “Where’s your teacher?” I’d raise my hand high because, in the sea of buxom, towering teenagers, I kinda blended in. Have you been in a high school lately? I mean, these girls are like pow here and ta-dow there, all Jessica Rabbit in their school uniforms.

But the fast pace of pop culture has lit a fire under them to flaunt their curves like they’re mini-sexpots. That’s the troubling part for me. Pants tight, shirts tight, everything tight, and their little baby booties and starter racks are all out on display for leering teenage boys and perverted grown men to lust after. On more than one occasion, I’ve caught a dude checking my daughter out. I can’t curse every guy for looking at my child, but so far I’ve given it my best shot.

So my lesson to her is: until you can handle the attention you’re inevitably going to get because your body draws attention, dress your age.

As the song goes, she gets it from her mama. Darn me passing on those early development genes. But unlike her, I didn’t know that those things that hindered me from playing outside in just an undershirt were weapons of womanly temptation at first. I just knew they forced me into a bra, which was initially exciting. After a week or so, though, wearing that thing got real old, real quick. And it has been ever since. It’s the second thing I tear off when I get in the house, right after my shoes. Sweet freedom.

Our girls look mature, but they’re not emotionally ready to field all of the attention that comes with being mini Pam Andersons. And they shouldn’t be. But between reality TV and music videos, they’re in a rush to act older than they are and that’s when the boobs and butt get dangerous. There’s a time to flaunt your womanly wares, but middle school ain’t it. Heck, I’d even venture to say that high school isn’t either, considering you’ve got college boys who wouldn’t hesitate to knock off an underage girl with a rockin’ body, no questions asked.

I’m always pushing The Girl to think of herself beyond just the sum of her parts. I have to do a full outfit inspection before we leave the house to make sure everything is covered and contained. Sometimes I don’t even think she’s conscious of how things fit her, but I sure enough am. If I make it through these growing (and growing) pains with my sanity in tact and decide to have another child whenever I get married, I’m praying for a boy.

Have you noticed that young girls are developing faster and bigger and scarier?

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