Lesbian Student Who Got Kicked Out of School Deserves Justice

holding handsAs if it wasn't hard enough to be a teenage lesbian. Wait, a teenage lesbian enrolled at a Christian high school. Rachel Aviles, a senior at the West Simsbury, Connecticut K-12 Christian school The Master's School, isn't just a teenage lesbian, she's an honest teenage lesbian. And that's what got her kicked out of school.

See, Aviles was actually honest enough to admit to Master's administration, when they interrogated her, that she's a lesbian. Why, you're probably wondering, would school officials "interrogate" a kid about her sexual orientation in the first place?

The reason is so ridiculous, it's almost beyond belief ...


Remember that giddy sense of freedom you'd get when your class went on a field trip? That liberated, we're-out-of-jail feeling tends to bring out the silly side in teens, which is what happened to Rachel and a bunch of her classmates. The girls were apparently pairing off and pretending to be married, holding hands, and calling each other "wifey."

Gasp! Scandalous! No, really -- that was how school administration reacted. They called the girls' behavior "outrageous" and summoned all offending parties to the office for questioning.

Seriously? How is that even legal?? Christian school or not, something sounds, oh, I don't know, incredibly violating and messed up about adult professionals grilling young girls for details on their sexual preference.

Impressively, Aviles told the creepy grown-ups the truth -- an ironically "Christian" thing to do, by the way. For which she was rewarded by being "encouraged" to leave the school ... or face expulsion.

So Aviles left school. I don't blame her. I'm sure she never wanted to set foot in that place again, and the last thing a kid getting ready for college wants on her permanent record is an expulsion, even if it is for a bulls**t reason. Still she continued to prove herself more of a Christian than the people running her school. When she was interviewed about the incident, Aviles declined to say anything bad about Master's, noting, "Just because you've been wronged doesn't mean you have the right to wrong back."

Talk about turn the other cheek.

The Master's School is giving Christianity, high school, and humanity in general a bad name. Those are some major sins to confess, and I have a great suggestion for what kind of penance they should be forced to do: Apologize to Aviles and offer her some kind of compensation for her pain and suffering.

Not that I'm worried about Aviles. She sounds like an awesome person, though she no doubt has a tough road ahead. It's a side effect of having integrity, sorry to say.

Something she definitely didn't learn at school.

Do you think Rachel Aviles deserves justice?


Image via Carnie Lewis/Flickr

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