7 Items Every Mom Forgets (and Every Kid Needs) for Starting School

Every mom who has ever sent a child back to school knows the drill -- pencils, notebooks, books, book bag, lunch box, water bottle, and on and on. We make lists, we check them, and then, inevitably, we forget. And it's always the thing we most meant to remember.

We can't really be blamed. It's a lot to take on, especially once you think of having multiple children. Between permission slips and lunch money and school bags and labels, it can be so overwhelming, who knows what you might forget.

We are lucky we remember our clothing sometimes. I asked around and polled various people and came up with these 7 things as the most frequently forgotten items.


The cubby photo: I don't print out photos, so for me, having a photo ready to bring in to tape on a cubby is no small task. Eventually I get one, but it's usually crinkled, a year old, and late. Sorry honey.

The family photo: J, from Baltimore, said:

[My son] has attended the same school for preschool, Pre-K, and now kindergarten. All three years the teachers requested a family photo and every year I send his in a week late. And I always end up emailing it to the teacher because having to print one out myself would require at least another week.

I have been there, too! Every year, in fact.

The socks in the change of clothing: For some reason I remember everything else, but the socks so invariably my daughter has to borrow another kid's halfway through the year and I feel terribly guilty.

The labels: I have them. They are sitting in a box ready to apply, and yet, somehow, it never happens. Why? I have no idea. Maybe by the middle of the year? We'll see.

Healthy snacks: It's always good for kids to have a non-refrigerated snack in their cubby, but finding healthy ones and remembering to replenish them? Not always so easy.

Lunch money: Luckily most schools will spot you, but it isn't so pleasant to feel like the only parent whose kid is broke in the lunch line. Rest assured, you aren't alone.

Water bottle: No one wants their kid drinking from the water fountain, but remembering to bring the water bottle is somehow so elusive. It seems like everything else is easy, but not that.

It's a whole new routine moms (and dads, too!), so don't feel too upset when it takes you a while to get it. You will be used to it. By June.

What have you forgotten before school?


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