6 Rad Cases Handmade to Protect Your Teen's Techy Gadgets

pop tart laptop sleeveChances are the contents of your teen's bookbag are a far cry from the necessities you stuffed in your pack in high school. And they're a lot pricier too: laptops, iPads, etc. may be "must-haves" for the technology-heavy curriculum in today's schools, but sending them out the door with a few grand on their back is enough to give you palpitations. Protecting your sanity ... and your investment ... means one more purchase.

A case. It will save you big time. And the cooler it looks, the better chance you have that your kids will actually USE the thing. Here are some uber-cool picks handmade for trendy teens:


Pop Tart Laptop Sleeve; $18, RubbishTees.

Mix a gentle reminder to eat breakfast with some laptop protection for a teen with a sweet tooth (she'll make other flavors -- just ask).

Etch a Sketch Laptop Case

Netbook Laptop Case/Cover/Sleeve '80s Magnetic Sketch Toy; $34, CoolLikeThat.

Go retro and play off one of their favorite toys from childhood made from eco-friendly felt. Perfect fit for artsy teens with a sense of humor.

map laptop bag

Royal Canadian Correspondent Laptop Bag; $75, FloorArtec.

An upcycled bit of art -- turned laptop bag -- is ready-made for the teen who's hungry to travel the world and write about their adventures. This bag gets bonus points for the history lesson. Does your teen know what his/her parents typed papers on?

harry potter laptop

Mrs. Weasley Knitted Laptop Sleeve; $27.99, eChoLovelySound.

If Harry Potter had to carry a laptop around Hogwarts, you'd better believe he'd have it zipped up tight in a bag hand-knitted by Ron Weasley's mum. Points for Gryffindor!

newspaper laptop

Newspaper Laptop Case; $23.99, JiuJiu.

Who says print is dead? They may be reading their news online, but they can still carry their MacBook in newsprint. Fortunately, this isn't the kind that gets their hands dirty.

Zombie laptop

The End of the World Messenger Bag; $23, Craftie Robot.

Your teenager may be prepared for the zombie apocalypse ... but is their laptop? Keep it all safe when the undead rise up.

Do you get nervous having all that gadgetry in your kids' hands? Do they have a case?

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