10 Must-Haves for a Cool Back-To-School

cool back to school teensCalling all back-to-school shoppers! You may think you're wrapping up your shopping, but wait, do you have all the things that will make your kid the coolest in the class?

Just in case you're not sure what's happening here in 2011, we've found what's hot in the hallways this school year.

Here are 10 must-haves for your young hipster, just in time for back-to-school.


1. Rad Graphic Tees

Something that seems to rarely go out of style, is just slightly edgier than when you were a kid. Pick up a graphic tee with a message, humorous, subversive, or political. Just be sure you let your kid pick it out so she can tell the world exactly who she is, via tee.

cool back to school teens2. A Tight Lid

Your personal style will guide you, but a super hip hat will go a long way on the first day of school. Of course, you'll have to remove it once you're buckling down in the classroom. But you can rock that hallway.

cool back to school teens3. The SmartPhone

Whether your kid is an Apple junkie, or is partial to the Droid, every kid wants a smartphone as their #1 accessory to the school year. Be sure you get that unlimited texting plan too, unless you want a big surprise at the end of the month.

cool back to school teens4. Music Mags

Whether your kid goes NME or Paste, a subscription to her fave will wind up in her locker, back pocket, or messenger bag. Yes, there's always Pitchfork online, but how can you show people you're obsessively reading music reviews if it's not in print? (Don't say Facebook, it doesn't work when trying to impress someone who isn't in your feed.)

cool back to school teens5. The District Scooter

The scooter that gets built like a skateboard, it's the newest in kid transportation, but also doubles as entertainment. You'll also want to be getting that kid a helmet before he heads down the rails.

cool back to school teens6. Hair Father Extensions

What every girl has been sporting all summer, it's going to make an appearance in the school yard this fall as well. Just have a pair of pliers handy when you get over the hair feather extensions and move onto . .

cool back to school teens7. Bling Strings

The latest in hair addition trends, the bling strings are tinsel for your hair year-round. Also not quite as stuck in there as the feathers, your trend-setter can get these in every color for every day of the week with no muss, no fuss.

cool picks for kids8. Books. No, Really!

When you're talking about your first edition of The Hunger Games, or signed copy of I Am Number 4, your kids are going to want to have a whole library.

cool back to school teens9. TOMS Shoes

These casual slip-ons have been all the rage out west, and they're slowly taking over the rest of the country. Comfortable, and simple, there will surely be a knock-off any second now. You can even get TOMS in your favorite school's colors, via the campus classics.

cool back to school teens10. A Swatch

Like most fashion this era, this one is another blast from the past. If you kept your own Swatch, you won't have to go buy a new one. But your kid will want one, even though he doesn't need one what with the clock on his smartphone.


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