6 Girl Power Antidotes to 'I'm Too Pretty for Homework' Shirt

Be the Change You Want to SeeThe disgusting t-shirt that told girls they were too pretty to do their own homework is gone. Thanks to the Internet outcry this week, it was pulled from the shelves immediately. Well done, Internet!

Now it's time to celebrate. And what better way than by taking a look at the clothing manufacturers who know how to encourage our kids to embrace who they are and reach for the stars instead of handing our daughters a cookbook and a pot of eyeshadow? As a mom who is trying to raise a little girl with smarts and heart, I'd put her in any of these kickass (and affordable!) tees:


Be the Change You Want to See in the World; $25. From the oh so awesomely named Tiny Revolutionary, this inspiring tee puts her in the driver's seat on the path to a better planet. She can be anything she wants to be, but it had best be good!

science fair

Science Fair; $12.99. Sure, she could be sitting around dreaming of Justin Bieber like that icky marketing copy from that homework t-shirt. Or she could be prepping her science fair project ... where she'll take first prize. Which do you think will help her get into college? And check out the name of the company that makes this smarty pants tee: Girls Love Frogs Too! Mine sure does!

If everyone's different

If Everyone Is Different, Why Do All Models Look the Same; $20. It's the same old cycle. We looked at stick thin models in magazines and couldn't figure out why we didn't look like them. So do our daughters. But we can end that cycle, and this tee from 4hands is a perfect way to kick off the project.

I Like. . .

I Like ...; $16. She's not just a pretty face. She's a person. Remind her to love all of herself with this sweet unisex tee from My Kinda Style.

When I Grow Up I want to be me

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Me; $26. I know. It's a onesie. Too small for our powerful elementary schoolers. But I emailed Off Our Chests to ask if big kid sizes are coming, and they said they're thinking about it. Maybe if they get enough demand from cool parents ...?

Future Role Model

Future Role Model. You may remember a certain detestable "future trophy wife" t-shirt for little girls? This one blows that shame right out of the water! Now for the bad news -- you'll have to get it shipped across an ocean. Right now they're sold only by Pink Stinks in England.

Which one's your favorite?

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