Gay Dads Make Teen Daughter Face of Same Sex Marriage Fight

Chelsea Montgomery-DurbanOn your average day, I'm not a big fan of parents who have their kids fight their battles for them. If you're steadfast in your beliefs, you should be able to defend them without going for the cheap ploys. But when it comes to marriage equality, I have to admit, all bets are off. The fight for two men, men like Kevin Montgomery and Dennis Duban, to have their family legally recognized under the law is really about their kids too.

So I have to hand it to Kevin and Dennis for letting daughter Chelsea Montgomery-Duban take the reins of a project to fight the discrimination that's hitting their family. She's just a teenager. But thanks to her, $10,000 will soon flow into the coffers of California's No H8 Campaign.


The non-profit that cropped up immediately after California passed Proposition 8 in 2008, making same sex marriage illegal in the Golden State, partnered with the Montgomery-Duban family last month to raise money and awareness for their cause. The goal was to get 100,000 "likes," and Chelsea's dads agreed to donate $10,000 of their own money. But there was a catch. You couldn't simply click "like" on Facebook. The family set up a web page that had to be shared and liked -- a web page that included Chelsea telling her story.

It's a controversial move. See above: kids fighting their parents' battles. Naysayers will complain that she's been brainwashed (sigh) because she was raised by gay men.

But it's hard to argue with an 18-year-old kid who has a biological link to both of her fathers (as she says "through my Dad and my Daddy's sister") and who is doing pretty darn OK. Better than OK. The recent high school graduate is headed to college. Chelsea's smart, charming, well-spoken. She's the definition of an inspiring teen. Her bravery in putting herself on the front line is admirable. Although she doesn't look at it that way:

Getting the opportunity to speak out about my family has been incredible. I love sharing our story and getting the chance to show people that my family is worthy of every right that other families have without question. Soon everyone will realize that life is just not as fun, loving, or exciting when you look at it through small-minded eyes. The more people can open their hearts and minds, the sooner they'll realize it's better to share love and acceptance than to hate.

The Montgomery-Durban family's plan worked -- they met their goal of 100,000 likes -- because Chelsea is the best example of why a family with two gay heads of household works just as well as a family with two heterosexual heads of household. She didn't need to be brainwashed to prove that.

She's a walking, talking bit of evidence that kids turn out just fine as long as they get love and support. In this fight, the family is the battleground. Kids can't help but get involved.

Would you let your teenager stand up for your family?


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