A Real Tween's Hilarious Take on the 2011 VMAs

katy perry 2011 vmaI could tell you what I thought about the 2011 VMAs, but then, there's no lack of awards show reviews out there written by jaded old 30-somethings like me. Then I thought, hey, why not let my bonafide tween daughter Charlotte do the job for me? She's 10 (going on 25), extremely well-versed in pop culture, and super-opinionated (no idea where she gets that from). Out of the mouths of advertising's target demographic, as they say!

So I let Charlotte stay up late (school doesn't start until Thursday, after all) and we watched the VMAs together. The commentary that follows is a round-up of Charlotte's take on the highs and lows of the show (in no particular order) ...


On Chris Brown and his aerial performance:

"Ahahahaha [hysterical laughter]! Look, you can see the strings holding him up, oh my god! He looks like a puppet! That's so bad. Look at his face! Ahahahahaha [more hysterical laughter]."

On presenter Kim Kardashian:

"She talks like a little girl but she's like, 30. I don't like her. Ew. What's up with that dress?"

On Adele performing "Someone Like You":

"You would never picture her looking like that just from hearing her songs. She's really cool. She always wears that kind of thing and it looks good on her. She's really good."

On Katy Perry's extremely colorful ensemble:

"Why does she have a cheese cube on her head? Seriously, do you think that's really cheese? Why?"

On the tribute to Amy Winehouse:

"Why do so many musicians die so young?" Why indeed, Charlotte. Why indeed.

On Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone:

"She's so funny. I'm so glad she won. She actually looks really cool! It's cool how she stayed dressed up like that for the whole show."

On Lil Wayne performing "A Mobbin Man":

"That's not his song! That's 'Iron Man.' So not cool. He can't do that! He's ruining it!"

Additional guest commentary from 5 1/2-year-old Julian:

"That's Justin Bieber?!?! He looks so weird with those glasses."

DId your tween/teen watch the VMAs? What did he or she think?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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