3 Hip Accessories for Your Kids’ Cellphones

best cell phone accessoriesYou've resigned yourself to the fact that your kid has a cellphone, right? If not, focus on the positive (tracking devices, no excuses for NEVER calling, constant communication for those who do not possess mature brain matter that can keep them safe), and sign up for a family plan. It's a little bit like how your parents accepted the Walkman. But it does much more for you instead of just serving the kids.

So now that your kid has her own smartphone, isn't it time she put her own signature on it? Yes, it totally is. Here are three super cool ways to show people she's an individual, and not a crowd-following kid.


'Monsta' From Case-Mate Creatures

You should totally get this case for your kid, unless you want to keep it for yourself. Case-mate can bring the 'monsta' ($24.99) in four designs, plus the 'Frank', 'Tut', and wack-o animal designs in silicon to keep your kid's iPhone safe and totally cool.

best cell phone accessoriesMonster Lady Gaga Heartbeats Headphones

You'll make a statement in these bejeweled and incredibly high-tech ear buds ($99.95), but you'll also have to work all summer to pay for them. Still, any self-respecting Little Monster MUST get the most out of Gaga. MUST.


best cell phone accessoriesShazam

App as accessory, Shazam is basically the way your kid can pretend to know the hottest song before anyone else. It's like magic! This free app (if you only use it five times a month, otherwise you have to subscribe) is also discreet. When the latest song comes on at the skate park, you just hold your smartphone up, Shazam it, and it will tell you the deets.

Do you let your kid personalize his cellphone?

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